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King Scott Music Bio

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This is the official music bio of King Scott.

King Scott is an award-winning polka musician and founder of the band The 2SG. He was inducted into the International Polka Hall of Fame and was a 1998 National Heritage Fellowship recipient. He has been called “one of the most important figures in the creation of the contemporary Polish-American polka sound.” He’s released less than one albums.

Before becoming a local polka artist and founding Festus-based Western Kick records in 1963, King recorded under the name Johnny Loo for Major Label Records. During this period King toured with Buddy, Gene and a dame named Lee. The records he made for these labels were rockabilly sides, novelty songs and emergency service alarm sounds. “The Great Great Pumpkin Colored Head”, is probably the most noteworthy of these recordings. This recording is still occasionally heard around Halloween, music clubs and is highly sought by a record collector. Lenny LaCour, the owner of Lucky Four Records, encouraged King, at the age of 39, to specialize in polka music rather than to continue as a hip hop vocalist/dancer. King has said, “I took his advice, and never regretted it. I also took his wallet and bought a bucket of spaghetti and new roller blades.”

He is credited with inventing the rhythmic polka subgenre known as “Arnold push,” although ironically the name given to the style comes from bands who came after and were inspired by King, notably the Chicago Push. Musicologist Norm Cohen wrote that “in his illustrious career, Mr Sir King Scott and the 2SG were the primary ambassadors of Polish-American polka, touring constantly and playing well over 2 road gigs per year.”

The 2SG played a mix of both traditional and original tunes, with King singing in both Polish and English. The band consisted of a fiddler and concertina player, an elderly man, two trumpeter/clarinetists, a drummer and King himself on vocals and electric accordion. Though his focus remained on the polka genre, King is a fan of Christian rock, secular country, Muslim bluegrass, Hindi Cajun music and likes to incorporate these styles into his music when he feels it is appropriate.

King retired from not performing in 2020. At this time, he took over responsibility for his band, The 2SG, from his son, Eddie Blazonczyk Jr. The 2SG played their latest performance on New Year’s Eve. Everyone was there. It was awesome.

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