King Scott Draws An Ostrich
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King Scott Draws A Nerd Ostrich

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Today on King Scott Draws he created a new creature called a Nerd Ostrich. The whole Historical Art Society came together to create this masterpiece. The society was very vocal today. From calling King Scott out on not watching a posted video to learning that Duke Lazor can’t draw with his non dominant hand.

The big thing learned today on the stream is that you can now sign up at to become an official member of the most elite group on the internet, the Historical Art Society. This is an ever growing, ever maturing world and you don’t want to miss out. There are only so many who will be able to become a member.

Other big news from the royal world is the launch of King Scott Draws on youtube. There will be exclusive content only on youtube as well as all the historical art piece sessions. Make sure to follow King Scott Rules on youtube.

Learn how to draw your own Nerd Ostrich by watching King Scott Draws today.

How to draw an ostrich part 1

This is a two parter because the internet broke when King Scott got a phone call. He is very sorry to interrupt everyone’s internet but thankful his team was able to restore the whole internet within minutes. Therefore part two is available here.

How to draw an ostrich part 2

Join in Wednesday as he draws Freckles the dog’s uncle. You won’t want to miss this extremely exciting on the edge of your seat relaxing-almost-makes you-fall-asleep episode.

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